An Overview about Enobosarm

EnobosarmEnobosarm is a type of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is not steroidal. They are administered orally and work better than anabolic steroids. Enobosarm is also known as ostarine or GTx-024. To get an in depth knowledge about enobosarm and how to buy enobosarm, a basic knowledge about SARMs is important. Today, the reputation of anabolic steroids is quite tainted. Although anabolic steroids require a doctor’s prescription and are not really illegal, many people have sourced them in cream, tablet and injectable forms from various manufacturers and distributors online. With that said, the quality of anabolic steroids is barely controlled. SARMs are the recent, most effective steroid alternative available. SARMs are fairly new; they were first discovered in 1998 and are still currently being developed.

Enobosarm or ostarine is the only type of SARMs that has completed all the clinical trials required. When you buy enobosarm, be reminded that the other forms of SARMs are sold as research chemicals. The complete physiological effects on humans have not been fully documented. However, there has been no serious complication due to enobosarm intake based on anecdotal entries by people who personally use and recommend enobosarm and other forms of SARMs.

How Does Enobosarm Work?

In the body, formation of tissues, muscles and organs happens through anabolism. The opposite is catabolism, which is the breakdown of compounds into smaller molecules. Anabolism is the formation of larger molecules from smaller molecules. Anabolic drugs work by speeding up the formation of organs and muscles. This task is partly the responsibility of testosterone among males. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is responsible for the virilizing of men. Testosterone is found in women, too, although of way lesser concentrations. Anabolic steroids have become popular among athletes and body builders to build muscle mass. However, they present a number of undesirable side effects such as acne, shrinking of testicles, gynecosmastia, liver and kidney problems and high blood pressure among men. Women have experienced excessive hair growth, infertility, shrinking of breasts and mood swings.

Enobosarm1Because enobosarm is a type of SARM, it works by targeting only specific androgen receptors that will yield desirable results such as decrease in body fat, increase in lean muscle mass and energy. Thus users of enobosarm and other forms of SARMs don’t experience side effects in other tissues like shrinking of testicles and growth of male breasts. To make the effects of SARMs and enobosarm permanent, users have to devote 4 weeks. People who buy enobosarm find it better than the usual anabolic steroids. Possession of enobosarm is also not illegal unlike use and administration of anabolic steroids without a doctor’s prescription. The only risk when trying SARMs is that the effects of these research chemicals are not yet fully established.

Other Medical Uses

Enobosarm or ostarine presents a huge potential as a treatment to cancer-induced muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is also known as muscle atrophy. Disuse of that muscle leads to atrophy. Serious ailments also cause a catabolic reaction among tissues thus leading to muscle atrophy and failure to synthesize needed nutrients for the body. Patients with non-small cell lung cancer received treatment of enobosarm. All patients were able to tolerate enobosarm and even experienced an increase in lean body muscle mass compared to the placebo group. Muscle wasting is a symptom of cancer’s malignancy. With the help of enobosarm, cancer patients were able to regain their strength and tolerate other treatments needed. They were also able to function normally with minimal to moderate help, compared to being bed ridden. However, before you buy enobosarm, do a little more research especially if you’re using it for muscle building. Do not administer enobosarm to patients with cancer without the consent of a doctor.

An Overview about Enobosarm