The Best in the Industry

The sports industry is well known for being advertised by popular athletes that are known all across the world. Examples include Michael Jordan for Nike and Dwight Howard for Adidas. Aside from being advertising, these athletes also contribute to the design and manufacturing of the products they endorse. This means that the athletes are essentially designing the products based on what they think is appropriate for their specific sport. This is actually very neat since these athletes are usually successful in their chosen sport. One brand that incorporates the athlete’s design into their products is Taylormade Golf. This brand incorporates the inputs of notable golfers into the manufacturing of their products to produce golf clubs that are perfect for use in different situations.


Taylormade Golf started its humble beginnings in 1979 when Gary Adams borrowed enough money to start the company. The company became popular in the golf industry because they were the first to design and manufacture a steel wood golf club. The company remained independent until 1984 when it was purchased by Salomon. The company was owned by Salomon until 1997 when Adidas purchased Salomon. Adidas made the decision to focus the resources of the company to manufacture drivers which the company succeeded in doing. The company has been owned by Adidas ever since and is currently the biggest golf equipment company in the world.


The products of Taylormade Golf are categorized based on their use in the field. The categories are drivers, fairways, rescues, irons, wedges, putters, and accessories. All of the golf clubs produced by the company have a low centre of gravity to improve their stability and maximize the swing strength. The golf clubs also have the company’s very own speed pocket technology which improves the distance travelled by the ball. Aside from these, players have also made their input on the golf clubs to make them perfect for certain situations. The products which have professional players’ inputs have the word “tour” added onto their names. Unlike other endorsed products which have the input of only one professional player, products by Taylormade Golf have the input of several professional golfers. This results to balanced and well-rounded golf clubs that can be used by both professional and non-professional golfers. In fact, the products are so balanced that PGA Tour golfers use more Taylormade products than other brands combined.


golfThere are a total of 78 professional golfers that have endorsed the golf clubs produced by Taylormade Golf. Among these golfers are PGA Tour professionals Justine Rose and Dustin Johnson. These two golfers are well-known around the world for winning the 2013 US Open Championship and the 2011 FedEx Cup Event respectively. Aside from male golfers, female golfers have also endorsed the products of the company. Notable examples include Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer of the LPGA Tour. Gulbis is known for winning the 2007 Evian Masters while Creamer is known for winning the 2010 United States Women’s Open Champion. Creamer also had 3 LPGA Tour wins in 2008.

Purchase and Retailers

The products of Taylormade-Adidas can be viewed and purchased on their website. They currently offer free shipping on all orders. One good thing about their products is that buyers are given the option to customize the shaft, hand position, loft, and shaft flex based on their preferences. Customization comes in either standard of fine-tuned with fine-tuned being available only for the shaft and the grip. This is ideal since many golfers do not prefer the same specifications on their golf clubs. Customizations may or may not increase the price of the product. Another good thing about their products is that the company has retailers in all continents meaning that their products are available worldwide. This is great since the company is an international brand and is very well known for the quality of their products. For international purchases, it is best to first check if there are outlets near your location.

The Best in the Industry